Nathan Mouldey.

Nathan Mouldey.

From concept, design, preparation and management of building consent applications to compliance sign off post construction, we’ve got your project covered.


We’ve been in the building industry for over 25 years and over those years we’ve nurtured enduring industry relationships. This means Mono Homes has access to competitive rates for all parts of your project while minimising unnecessary and unbudgeted expenses.

The Mono team works with each client and designer to meticulously plan, prepare and complete their project, with strategic sequencing of the job to ensure total efficiency. We don’t cut corners, and our dedication to pre-planning makes sure we get it right the first time.


Because Mono Homes specialises in the construction of architecturally designed homes we’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most creative and talented architects in the business.

This working experience puts us in the ideal position to help you choose the right architect for the style and scale of project you’re looking to undertake. If you’re a bit further down the track and you’re already underway with a design, that’s great - we can take drawings at any stage of the design process and get the ball rolling.



Whether your project involves complex modern materials and finishes, or requires classic craftsmanship, our team has a whole lot of passion for getting the details right. Each project is fastidiously crafted and it’s this attention to detail owners love and why they recommend us to their friends.

From craftsmanship and technical know how to a clean and tidy work site - like you, we like things done right and that means attention to all the details along the way, not just attention to the bits you can see. When it comes to building a beautiful home, we believe that beauty should be more than skin deep, and that’s why we build homes the way we do.


Architects often call us in early in the design and planning stage to offer advice from a construction point of view or to give estimates of costs before things progress too far. This collaborative approach is exactly how you want your design and building teams to work - it keeps your project moving in the right direction and avoids future delays and inefficiencies (which of course means costs).

In most cases we take on full project management to ensure everything is coordinated efficiently and work is completed to the Mono Homes’ standard. Clients can get involved in any areas they wish to, and to any extent - this is totally up to them, but the majority simply leave it to us.

We run an “open book” policy where owners get to see all costs each month including copies of all invoices from suppliers and sub-contractors along with Mono staff time-sheets. The progress of actual costs vs budgeted costs is constantly monitored because like you, we don’t like surprises.

If you've got a special building project in mind we'd love to talk to you so feel free to call Nathan or Nick a call anytime.